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Data Centric Security

As a Managed Service

on your Premises

Secure your Critical Company Data and Intellectual Property

Are You Prepared for the Security Battles Ahead? DatasSeal can prepare your business and protect ALL of your data in one of two ways -- a secure cloud-based, managed service or an on-premise, managed service. On Premise Deployment Option Merging data protection with business operations is a balance between business priorities, budget pressures, and productivity requirements. It’s a difficult task, made even more so when you don’t have a dedicated IT staff or ready access to security experts. That’s why effective data protection capable of managing insider and outsider threats has remained out of reach for all but the world’s  largest organizations.  Until now! DataSeal offers complete data protection as a fully managed service. It’s the industry’s only full-service, hosted data security solution backed by experts with 10+ years of implementation experience. With the DataSeal Managed Services option organisations of all sizes can reach a superior state of data security and compliance faster, with less risk—and for a substantially lower total cost—than with any other approach to data protection. DataSeal does it all for you. The management console is installed on your premises. Therefore NO data, or even meta-data, leaves your site. Our experts using the latest VPN technology manage your deployment and deliver a secure service and support remotely. Therefore ALL data remains securely within your environment. Regardless of the chosen deployment model, as soon as our experts have begun the deployment, you will immediately discover—in full forensic detail— where your sensitive data resides, who accesses it, and how it’s transacted. As a Managed Services customer, you have access to the Management Console to filter and drill into reports by policy rule, file name, type, sensitivity, user, alert, and event. DataSeal will provide you with continuously updated security intelligence and trending reports on data location, usage, and risk through an intuitive interactive reporting dashboard. Its rich-event telemetry and advanced analytics allow security managers to easily share real-time insights with technical, business, and investigative stakeholders and precisely resolve the nature of data risks, policy effectiveness, and compliance demands with granularity ranging from executive summary to forensic-level clarity. On Premise: Radically Powerful Deployment DataSeal On Premise Deployment uses a patented and proven data protection platform to support advanced risk analysis and policy enforcement across virtually any business process, including: Insider and outsider threat management IP and trade secret protection PII/PCI and PHI compliance, advanced threat protection, and export control restrictions Gain total ownership of your on premise data protection processes Host infrastructure in your environment Manage and self-administer policies, rules, and reports Support air gap and virtual networks Get expert support at every step of your on premise deployment Data-protection strategy formulation Implementation, training and technical support Ongoing refinement of data security policies Continuous reporting and analysis of risk exposure
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